Current Projects

SEEDS Socio-Economic Empowerment with Dignity and Sustainability (SEEDS Program) (2019-2023)

SSDC in collaboration with Stromme Foundation, an Inter-National Non Governmental Organization based on Norway, has been implementing Socio – Economic Empowerment with Dignity and Sustainability (SEEDS Program) (2019-2023)

Geographical area of the intervention: Banganga municipality – 3, 10 and 11, Kapilvastu. SEEDS program aims to bring the change in mainly three themes:

  • Quality Education
  • CSOs’ promotion
  • Livelihood

Empowerment Program of Marginalized Communities For Social Justice and Right to Education (Rupantran) 2019-2023

Project Goal: Women, youths and girls from Dalit and marginalized communities enjoy their quality and dignified life free from all forms of discriminations, with increased meaningful participations in decision makings, access to socio-economic rights and resources.

Outcome : Women, youths and girls from Dalit and marginalized communities claim their rights to social inclusion, particularly in the areas of girl’s education, meaningful participation in decision-making, access to resources, against all forms of discriminations and for dignified living.

Geographical area of the intervention: Project will be implemented in the Suddhodhan Rural Municipality ward no 1, 2 (Patariya, Nandanagar former VDCs) Mayadevi Rural municipality ward no 1 and 3 (Fulika, Pakadi former VDCs) in Kapilvastu District. According to human development index those wards are backwardness of the rural municipalities in terms of education, poverty, human development, gender discrimination, high child marriage rate and in continuation of the ongoing project for sustainability, this specific wards and rural municipalities have been selected for the intervention

Udaan Project (2015-2020)
Partner: CARE Nepal

Goal: To re-enroll previous drop-out girls after one year of catch-up education.

PEAK Project (2016-2019)
Partner: European Union & WeWorld Onlus

Goal:Promote equity and quality early childhood and basic education

IM Education Project (2015-2023)
Partner: IM – Swedish Development Partner

Goal: Improved access to quality education for girls and boys from marginalized communities.

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